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  Important changes to the Residential Tenancies Act tOOk effect on November 15, 2012.
  The Residential Tenancies Board guides below provide general information on the changes:
  Tenant's Guide
  Landlord's Guide
  Please contact NS Residential Tenancies with any questions you may have. If you are unhappy with the legislation, you need to contact your local provincial MLA too.
  CMHC's Rental Market Survey & Housing Outlook
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Exclusive Listings

The properties below can only be found here. Pick the pad perfect for you!

You will see no overblown advertising gimmicks or unrealistic claims here.
Once listings are rented they are removed.
The properties here are available immediately or soon.




Peninsula South - 6369 Coburg Rd #1503 - 2 BR condo

Peninsula North - 5837 Gainsborough Pl - 3BR townhouse

Mainland South - 23 Heather St - 3 BR home

Regatta Point - 252 Spinnaker Dr - 3 BR home

Mainland North - 117 Donaldson Ave - 3 BR flat

Brand New
Off Larry Uteck - 129 Bosun Ct - 3 BR home


Downtown - 123 Portland St #2 - 2 BR flat

Woodside - 57 Renfrew St #1 - 3 BR flat

Woodside - 57 Renfrew St #2 - 3 BR flat

Westphal - 8 First St - 2 BR home


Brand New
Basinview - 32 Alpine Ct - 3 BR home

Near Bedford Commons - 8 Scotia Ct - 3 BR home

Near Bedford Commons - 276 Rocky Lake Dr - 2 BR home

Paper Mill Lake - 26 Walden Pl - 3 BR home

Paper Mill Lake - 48 Salmon River Terr - 4 BR home

Waterfront - 212 Waterfront Pl #504 - 3 BR condo

Surrounding Areas

Lower Sackville - 14 Grayson Court - 3 BR home



Off Spring Garden - 1465 Brenton St #903 (Charterhouse) - 2 BR condo
- Furnished 2 BR in the Heart of Halifax. A vibrant shopping district.

Near Robie - 5959 Spring Garden Rd (Embassy Towers) - 1 BR condo
- Nicely furnished condo located closer to universities & hospitals.

Waterfront - 1326 Lower Water St (Waterfront Place) - 1 BR condos
- Gorgeously furnished condos located on the Halifax waterfront.



Building a home or Here for AN EXTENDED STAY?

Don't stay in a hotel. We have an assortment of completely furnished

Condominiums and Homes

for people requiring temporary accommodation
for more than 1 month. All the luxuries of home.

If you would like to get on our waiting list for upcoming units,

please fill out a Criteria Form detailing your minimum needs.

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